Cyber is four years old

The time flies... It was just yesterday when cyber walked into our life and today he is four years old... In the meantime he became Mr. Tomcat and now cyber is a father to a few furry balls! But for us he is still a beloved kitten, willing to play and cuddle all the time. Stay like this, Dear cyber, we love you!!!

Anatol's six birthday

Oh Man... you know how to enjoy the life... Dear Anatol - rejoice us with your positive attitude, with your wonderful character and lovely temper!!!

What a joy!!! First kittens in Taurandir*PL cattery were born!

Today Nymeria gave birth to bunch of four wonderful kittens. We have two girls (both n 09 22, one with white tail tip) and two boys (n 22 and n 09 22 with white tail tip, this one is a “dad’s copy”). After the birth the weight of every kitten was over 100 gr and they immediately started to spend time at the milk bar. During this time I received a huge help from Mirek Skotarczyk (Groove Armada*PL), who came to us and helped during the labour. I am sincerely grateful for Mirek’s help. It took me some time to choose kittens’ names… There are different ways of naming kittens, so I decided to reflect in kittens’ names my two great passions – mountains and literature. Kittens from Taurandir*PL cattery will be named after famous, beautiful or important for me summits and characters from favourite books. As I could start from whichever letter I wanted, I have decided to start with letter “L”. So in my first litter there are – Laila (girl, n 09 22, with white tail tip), Luthien (girl, n 09 22), Lhotse (boy, n 09 22, with white tail tip) and Landroval (boy, n 22). Please be welcome to follow the development of the kittens and their weekly pictures!

I have completed the Pawacademy G-I course

Uff, I have managed to complete the course just before my first litter is born! I am really happy that there is The PawAcademy, where owners and breeders can learn how to breed animals in responsible and sensible way. The G-1 course was somehow a repetition, but on the other hand it gave me a chance to meet other breeders around the world.

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