First kittens of our Munia

Last Saturday (9th September) we welcomed our N-litter. The proud parents are MoonlightShadow Taurandir*PL (f 24) and SC cyber[shot] Groove Armada*PL JW, DVM, DSM (n 09 22). We have 2 males (d 09 23 and n 09 22) and 2 females (both f 24). You are welcome to visit the “kittens” section where you can find more info about them and their individual galleries. 



We are expecting kittens

This fall we are expecting two litters after our SC cyber[shot] Groove Armada*PL JW, DVM, DSM; mothers will be: IC S*Restless Nymeria and MoonlightShadow Taurandir*PL.

The International Cat Show in Warsaw

What a fantastic weekend it was!!! Last Saturday and Sunday we took part in the International Cat Show in Warsaw (2nd-3rd September 2017). I am extremely proud and happy as our cyber[shot] Groove Armada*PL JW, DVM received:
On Saturday – Ex1, CACS, NOM, BIS
On Sunday – Ex1, CACS, NOM, BIS

And that means that he became – as far as I know – the second NFO male in PL with the following titles: SUPREME CHAMPION, JUNIOR WINNER, DISTINGUISHED VARIETY MERIT, DISTINGUISHED SHOW MERIT!!!!!
He came back to the show ring after 4 years break, at the age of 7 years and 9 months!!! He collected all the necessary BIVs and BISs while obtaining the required certificates for the official FIFe titles (losing only 1 certificate at the World Show)!!! Yes, I am damn proud!!!