2017-09-04 01:05:00

The International Cat Show in Warsaw

What a fantastic weekend it was!!! Last Saturday and Sunday we took part in the International Cat Show in Warsaw (2nd-3rd September 2017). I am extremely proud and happy as our cyber[shot] Groove Armada*PL JW, DVM received:
On Saturday – Ex1, CACS, NOM, BIS
On Sunday – Ex1, CACS, NOM, BIS

And that means that he became – as far as I know – the second NFO male in PL with the following titles: SUPREME CHAMPION, JUNIOR WINNER, DISTINGUISHED VARIETY MERIT, DISTINGUISHED SHOW MERIT!!!!!
He came back to the show ring after 4 years break, at the age of 7 years and 9 months!!! He collected all the necessary BIVs and BISs while obtaining the required certificates for the official FIFe titles (losing only 1 certificate at the World Show)!!! Yes, I am damn proud!!!